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Tea Room

Across the street from the Lodge, there once stood a Japanese Tea Garden, decorated with red lanterns and exotic plants. This was actually the second of two Japanese gardens in Coronado. The first was commissioned by George Marsh, a successful Australian importer who owned gardens throughout California. He had the support of John D. Spreckels, from whom he leased land in the late 1890s to build the garden. Located at the far end of Ocean Boulevard (opposite the Hotel Del), Marsh brought Japanese culture to Coronado and even provided transportation to guests of the Hotel Del via traditional Jinrikishas. However, a series of powerful storms destroyed most of the garden in 1905 and a new location was chosen to rebuild. Closer to the Spreckels mansion (now the Glorietta Bay Inn), the new garden was rebuilt even bigger and more beautiful than the first. Host to many events, parties, and even a movie set, the garden was enjoyed by residents and guests alike of Coronado for many years. However, World War II brought an end to the garden as relations with Japan intensified and the Spreckels Company decided to sell the land.  This interesting bit of Coronado history is kept alive in our Tea Garden Suite, boasting a spectacular gold leaf four-poster king bed and a tea garden tapestry headboard. You can lounge in front of the fireplace from the bed as well as the barrel chairs. Or enjoy a long soak in the huge spa tub with natural light seeping through reed glass windows. Make your reservation for this Grande Spa Suite today and request "Tea Garden" To learn more about the history of the Japanese Tea Garden in Coronado, visit CoronadoPatch

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