"Hey, is that the Red Chair?"

Hey is that the Red Chair?

The Traveling Red Chair, and its red suitcase full of mementos gathered along the way, was delivered to 1906 Lodge at Coronado Beach by the innkeepers of The Inn at Europa Village, Temecula, CA. The Innkeepers of the 1906 Lodge were quick to take "Red" on a whirlwind tour of Coronado. First stop City Hall for a photo op with Coronado Mayor Casey Tanaka.

"Red's" countrywide journey began June 2013 at Woods Hole Inn in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Anne Cromer's idea of photographing the Red Chair's adventures and documenting its travels on her blog has given life and charm to an otherwise unassuming little wooden chair. B&B innkeepers all across America have hand delivered this Red Chair from inn to inn from sea to shining sea. While in Coronado "Red" was photographed as it sat on stage during Lamb's Players "100 Hours of Stories", alongside Coronado public art, with residents and visitors of Coronado, with its feet in the sand and with its head in the clouds. We were reminded of the Red Chairs notoriety each time we are asked, "Hey, is that the Red Chair?" Next stop along the route, the Bed & Breakfast Inn at La Jolla. The Red Chair's Coronado photographs can be viewed in our Facebook album and many others can be found by visiting

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